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God of the Word 2 Volume Set

Our cultural media is showcasing the whole arena of humankind’s pursuit of contact with, and relationship with, spirits. Is it all just fantasy? Or can humankind really get in touch with other realities and other planes of existence? How do we open ourselves up to the realm of the spirits of the kingdom of the god of this world? How do we close the door to them? What messages are these spirits giving to those who contact them?

Several “new” religious experiences and numbers of “new” theological ideas have come into the church in the last fifty years. Which of them seems to stem from the same roots as the “new” spirituality present in our Western world?

  • What is the difference between biblical meditation and occult meditation?

  • What is the difference between the use of our imagination for creative thought and the use of our imagination to create reality?

  • How would you show a seeking person that Jesus was and is the Christ rather than a christ among many others?

  • Working from the Walter Martin classic The Kingdom of the Cults, these studies are ideal for personal research, adult Bible classes, Christian schools and home schools!